Melissa Bullock – Custom School Album Cover

It is time for Back to School for some of our kids. To celebrate the new school year, we would like to share a great project created by one of our talented Design Team Members – Melissa Bullock!

It is a  tutorial she made  showing how to make your own custom school album cover.

Melissa uses our PeelnStick adhesive sheets  which is a double sided pressure sensitive adhesive that creates an immediate bond. (ie…that means it is VERY sticky! Be sure you know where you are placing anything before sticking it down.) PeelnStick works well with fabric, metals, paper, wood and more surfaces. You could also use Mounting Adhesive Sheets for a temporarily repositionable stick…to give you a little extra wiggle room!

Album Cover Tutorial

Melissa Bullock - Custom School Album Cover Tutorial

Thank you Melissa for showing us how to creatively use PeelnStick adhesive sheets to make a fun book to showcase the upcoming school year!