Send Your Love in Style with Therm O Web!

February is the month of love and creating projects to celebrate this holiday!

We all need a keepsake box for those special Love Letters and Valentines.  This project is so easy and fast  to create and will last throughout the years.



Therm  O Web Products:

Medium Zots
PeelnStick Sheets

Additional Products used:

Chalk in  and Patterned paper – Quick Quotes
Flowers – Prima


To begin cut your patterned paper to fit all sides of the mailbox.

Adhere the paper with PeelnStick sheets, there is no drying time with these sheets.

After you’ve adhered all your patterned paper.

Ink the edges and start embellishing!!  Super easy and before you know it you have a pretty box for all your sweetheart’s keepsakes!!

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Gifts of the Season with Therm O Web!

Not only are Therm O Web adhesive perfect for all your crafting needs…they’re also just right for gift wrapping!

Designer Andrea Budjack has a sweet gift wrap and card for you to create!


Fabric Wrapping Supplies:

1.  To begin, decide the size of the package that will be wrapped.  Cut/tear the fabric into a square.

2.  Add Peel N Stick across (diagonally), leaving two inches on each end for overlap.


3.  Add ribbon and press.

Card Supplies:

1.  Stamp envelopes.  Use Memory Tape Runner XL to add elements to front of envelope.

000_00062.  Cut paper and cardstock for card.  Assemble and adhere together using Memory Tape Runner XL.


3.  Add embellishments to card using 3D Zot singles.


4. Add sticky line to bottom of card and add glitter.


5. Wrap your cards, ornaments and goodies in the fabric wrapping.


We’re back with another one of our favorite recipes for the holidays!

Christmas Snowball Cookies

Snowballs (there are many many names for this yummy cookie!)

1 c shortening
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 c powdered sugar
2 c flour
2 c fine chopped pecans
1 egg

Roll into balls, bake at 350 for 15 min. While still warm, roll in powdered sugar and let cool. Roll in powdered sugar again.

The 1/2 c powdered sugar in the recipe goes into the mix. Use more in a ziplock bag to roll them in when done Enjoy!!

If you want to get really creative with them…we love this!

snowman cookies

Summer Chore Chart

My girls are out of school in a couple of weeks and then the long summer looms ahead.  In order to keep my home running smoothly while they are home all day I am going to rely on my girls to handle certain chores around the house.  I created this chore chart for my daughter to keep track of progress.


I started with a dollar store cookie sheet and Therm O Web Peel N’ Stick.  I covered the back of the cookie sheet with Peel N’ Stick adhesive and then attached the patterned paper pieces.


I attached ribbon borders with Therm O Web Sticky Lines.  Then the flower and buttons were adhered with Therm O Web Large Zots.


The chore charms were made with laminated, printed cardstock circles attached to magnets with Large Zots.  The magnets will make it easy to move a chore from “To Do” to “Done”, even for little hands.

This project was surprisingly quick and easy.   Now here’s hoping she actually completes her chores as expected!


Happy Summer Crafting!

Altered Wood Birdhouse

I found a cute little wooden birdhouse at Michael’s for $1.50 and knew immediately that a little paper love and Therm O Web Adhesive would make it into a cute spring home decoration. Here’s the house before I started. You can see there are lots of angles and little spaces to fill.

One thing you should know about me is I am really not into measuring little pieces. So I covered it the quick and easy way. I started with pieces of Therm O Web Peel N Stick adhesive:

I fold it against an edge hard enough to create a crease…

then cut along that crease, adhere the Peel N Stick to the house and line up a paper edge against one edge of the house:

and cut along the other edge. Once I covered the house with patterned paper I used Therm O Web 3D Zots to pop up the together sticker and Sticky Lines to adhere the pom pom and crochet trim.

Supplies Used:


Therm O Web Peel n Stick, Therm O Web 3D Zots, Therm O Web Sticky Lines, Ruby Rock-It August Moon collection of patterned papers, stickers, pearls, trims.

🙂 Rebecca

Cookie Box Notebooks

Every other Tuesday I hang out with 24 seven and eight-year olds for 1.5 hours.  I am a Brownie Girl Scout leader.  Spring means we sell Girl Scout cookies.  We deliver Girl Scout cookies.  We eat Girl Scout cookies.  So why not craft with them too?  Craft with the boxes that is.  The cookies are long gone!

I decided to make my co-leaders and cookie mom a little cookie box notebook as a thank you for all the hard work they do.  I emailed them for their favorite cookie type and got to work.

1. Cut the box open along the nutritional facts information with scissors.  We don’t need to see the calories and sugar content in our final design so just cut right through it!


2. Using a trimmer cut a front cover and a back cover.  Leave about a half inch of the side panel attached.  We will be covering it with ribbon later (optional).


3. Cut chipboard (2) and patterned paper (2) to the same size as your cookie box covers.  Also cut Therm O Web Peel N Stick Adhesive (4) to the same size.

4. Adhere the cookie box to the chipboard using one of the Peel N Stick adhesive sheets.  Do the same with the patterned paper on the opposite side of the chipboard.  Repeat the process for the back cover as well.


5. Optional – Brush on semi-glossy gel medium over the entire cover, both front and back, to protect your notebook from dirt, moisture, and regular handling.  Let dry.

6. Optional – Cut a strip of 2″ wide patterned ribbon to coordinate with your book.  Cut 2 pieces of Therm O Web 1/2″ Sticky Lines to the same length.  Apply the Sticky Lines to the edge of the front cover; the edge that will not be bound but rather the edge that opens.  Adhere the ribbon.  Apply the second Sticky Line to the inside of the cover and wrap the ribbon around the edge to adhere the other side.


7. Bind your book and inner pages as desired.


Spring time Butterflies 10 minute project

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for spring.  I saw these very cute butterflies in one of the new spring children’s catalogs that comes in the mail.  They could be pinned on to what ever you were wearing and they were made out of fabric.  So I thought that I would try it.  So I got out a PeelNStick sheet, and some chipboard shapes from my scrapbooking stash.  I traced around a couple of butterflies and now the hard part, picking out fabric 😉

Now that you have your fabric picked out you then stick the PeelNStick on the fabric and cut around the desired shape.  I also wanted my to bend a little bit so I put a small piece of wire between the fabric and it gives it just a touch of movement.

Now that you have your pieces cut out you can layer and embellish them.  I stacked 2 of them together and added some pearl stones on them.  As you can see I made the blue one into a hair clip, that my daughter just loves and uses every day.

The Orange one I made into a pin that she can put on her clothing.  In the first picture we added it to her shirt and the second one we put it on one of her decorative pillows that she has in her room.  I think it is going to stay on the pillow for now.

Thank you so much for looking at my project today, just imagine all that you could make with these super fun and quick peelNStick sheets.

Have a great week,


A Year of Dates

This year for Christmas I am giving my husband this tin filled with 12 envelopes.  Each envelope contains a unique date for us to do without the children.  Most of them are fully or partially paid for which makes this a really special gift.

First I will take you through how to decorate a tin to hold all the dates (really, a decorated tin can be used for an infinite number of uses).  Then if you are interested, I will give you some of my date ideas.


1. Grad a tin box and get crafty.  Mine in the photos is plain but because we are covering it with paper, you could use old outdated Christmas tins, cookie tins, or even search the clearance racks.  It doesn’t matter what the printed design is.  Measure the length and width of the box lid surface. Cut your patterned paper to fit and round the corners if necessary.

2. Measure the height of the box sides.  Measure the perimeter of the box as well.  Cut your patterned paper.  Most likely your perimeter will be longer than 12″, the width of most scrapbook patterned paper, so cut several 12″ strips to fit the height of the box.  Combining the strips will cover all the sides.


3. Apply Therm O Web Super Tape to the back of the cut patterned paper.  Get as close to the edges as you can.  If it is a large rectangle, you may want to add Super Tape to the middle as well.


4. Peel off the Super Tape red backing and adhere the paper to the tin.  When adding paper to the perimeter, overlap the strips of paper at the joints just slightly.

5. Embellish!  I added a 1/4″ ribbon around the perimeter of the lid using Super Tape as well.


You could alter these directions by using Therm O Web PeelnStick Adhesive sheets instead of Super Tape.  With PeelnStick Adhesive you would have the option to seal your patterned paper with gel medium or Mod Podge without the paper wrinkling.

Ok, so onto the dates.  Like I mentioned, I came up with 12 date ideas, one for each month of 2012.  I decided to do this for my husband because we have young kids and it is hard to get out and do something by ourselves.  With this we will be forced to make time for one another.  Most of the dates are just gift certificates at this point because it is hard to schedule an exact day and time so far in advance.  We will have to look at our calendar month by month to make the final arrangements.

Just for fun, here are my date ideas along with the teasers I put on the outside of the envelope.  A search through will give you further ideas for this “A Year of Dates” concept.

  • January – a gift certificate for a favorite sushi restaurant, “arigato for being my man” (arigato = thank you in Japanese)
  • February – a gift certificate for our traditional Valentine’s dinner, “you get the calamari with the legs”
  • March – a gift certificate for a cooking class at a local cooking school, “it’s getting hot in the kitchen”
  • April – Cubs baseball tickets, “one, two, three strikes you’re out”
  • May – a gift certificate for a wine room so we can take a tasting class, “wine makes me flirty”
  • June – a gift certificate for a local restaurant with an excellent outdoor patio, “dining under the moonlight”
  • July – gift certificates for a massage and then breakfast, “is my hair too oily to go out in public”
  • August – a promise for Lollapalooza tickets, “dig out the CamelBak and sunscreen”
  • September – gift certificate for a very fancy restaurant, “an anniversary dinner that is over the top”
  • October – Cubs game again (my only repeat), “yes, again…  that’s what we get for living so close”
  • November – gift certificates for a movie theater and the restaurant across the street, “barbecue and a flick”
  • December – ice skating and a gift certificate for a nearby pizza, “chill out on the ice, warm up by the oven”

Melissa Bullock – Custom School Album Cover

It is time for Back to School for some of our kids. To celebrate the new school year, we would like to share a great project created by one of our talented Design Team Members – Melissa Bullock!

It is a  tutorial she made  showing how to make your own custom school album cover.

Melissa uses our PeelnStick adhesive sheets  which is a double sided pressure sensitive adhesive that creates an immediate bond. (ie…that means it is VERY sticky! Be sure you know where you are placing anything before sticking it down.) PeelnStick works well with fabric, metals, paper, wood and more surfaces. You could also use Mounting Adhesive Sheets for a temporarily repositionable stick…to give you a little extra wiggle room!

Album Cover Tutorial

Melissa Bullock - Custom School Album Cover Tutorial

Thank you Melissa for showing us how to creatively use PeelnStick adhesive sheets to make a fun book to showcase the upcoming school year!