Therm O Web Pinterest Inspired Shadowbox

We’re back with more Pinterest Inspired projects..and kicking off this week Designer Melissa Bullock with a special Shadowbox!

Shadowboxes are often overlooked not only as a special way to preserve keepsakes and also as a beautiful home decoration as well. This one will be treasured for many years to come!

Shadowbox 2013-02-22 037r

Pinterest Inspirations..

Original Pins: and

Pinned Image

Therm O Web Supplies:

  • 1/2″ Super Tape
  • Jumbo Zots
  • 3D Foam Squares

Other Supplies:

  • shadowbox
  • photos/memorabilia
  • patterned paper
  • flower accents
  • die cut accents

Shadowbox 2013-02-22 006r

Shadowbox 2013-02-22 005r

It is important to use a strong adhesive when creating home décor.  Super Tape is a fantastic choice!  Use Super Tape in place of regular paper-to-paper adhesive for shadowboxes.

Shadowbox 2013-02-22 001r

Shadowbox 2013-02-22 002r

For non-paper memorabilia, like the silk flowers and ballet slippers, Jumbo Zots will provide a strong, lasting hold.

Shadowbox 2013-02-22 004r

Depth will add a lot of visual appeal in a shadowbox.  Use 3D Foam Squares to pop out die cut accents.

Shadowbox 2013-02-22 003r

shadowbox 2013-02-22 009r (2)

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

We’d like to say a very special THANK YOU to Designer Melissa Bullock! She’s been such a fantastic part of our team  with Therm O Web!

Today’s shadowbox marks her final project with us! We wish Melissa and her family all the best from all of us here at Therm O Web!


Pinterest Inspired Pillows and Sweet Baby Bibs

PinterestWe’re continuing on with our Pinterest inspired projects this week.

Did you know if even you don’t have a Pinterest account you can see all of our pins right from our Facebook wall! Click on the Pinterest icon on our Therm O Web wall to see all of our pinned projects and favorites!

Designers Audrey Pettit and Amy Friend will have you anxious and ready to get crafty and pick up some of their favorite Therm O Web and HeatnBond products!




Friends Warm the Heart Pillow By Audrey Pettit

Therm O Web Spray n’ Bond Fusible Adhesive
Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Tape
Therm O Web Zots Medium Clear Adhesive Dots
Stamps: Paper Smooches
Die: Papertrey Ink
Trim: Webster’s Pages, Stampin’Up, American Crafts
Floss: DMC
Ink: Stampin’Up
Buttons: vintage
Other: Linen Fabric, Gesso, Thread, Polyfill Fiber

Hand-stitched embroidery is a longtime passion of mine, and my Pinterest boards are full of sweet stitching and sewing projects that I want to give a try. Lately, I’ve been really inspired by Rebecca Sower’s amazing mixed-media fabric work, like this gorgeous journal cover.

Therm O Web Pinterest Inspiration Photo


I pulled lots of elements from Rebecca’s piece into my project, including the color palette of neutrals mixed with bits of red and black, the layers of fabric, lace, ribbons, and buttons. I had so much fun putting this pillow together, and thanks to the help of some time saving tips from Therm O Web’s Spray n’ Bond Adhesives, it was really easy, too.


To get started, die cut a mitten from linen fabric. Set the mitten aside for another project, because for this pillow, we are going to be focusing on the negative shape instead. Spray the back side of the fabric with Therm O Web Spray n’ Bond Fusible Adhesive and layer onto a larger piece of fabric. The Fusible Adhesive eliminates the need to pin the fabric in place, which is a real time saver.

Machine stitch around the outline of the mitten, and around the edge using black thread. I loved the multiple stitch lines that is so prominent in Rebecca’s work, so I went around my shape twice.


Add random embroidery stitches around the outline of the mitten. Mix it up and just have fun!

Stamp snowmen, scarf, and heart images onto the center of the mitten. Using the stamped images as a guide, embroider the outlines of the snowmen and scarves. Satin stitch the heart.

Water color the scarves using a red ink pad and a wet paintbrush. Then paint the snowmen with Gesso. Dry brush more Gesso randomly over the entire piece.


Stamp sentiment onto a thin strip of fabric and hand-stitch with black floss. Apply Fabric Fuse Tape to the back of the strip, peel off the liner, and adhere across the bottom.


Lightly lift sentiment strip and tuck lace trim under the bottom edge. Add a few hand-stitches for decoration. Using Fabric Fuse Tape, adhere trims across the top of the mitten.

Spray the back of the fabric with Fusible Adhesive and adhere onto a larger piece of fabric. Machine stitch the edges. Dry brush with additional Gesso.


Cut a second piece of fabric the same size as the layered front. Placing right sides together, machine stitch the pillow closed, leaving a small opening. Turn the pillow right side out, fill with polyfill fiber and slip stitch the pillow closed.

Adhere buttons with Zots Medium Clear Adhesive Dots. Tie a bow from shabby seam binding. Adhere onto pillow using Zots, along with another button tied with hemp cord.

For Pinterest Inspiration week, I was killing some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration for baby gifts.  I know of many babies who are about to be born and will be needing cute little gifts.  I was drawn to the useful gifts and settled on bibs.

I have to say that I was very eager to play with the Thermoweb Iron-On Vinyl!  There are so many possibilities and I intend to explore all of them but, for today, I’m sticking with the laminate baby bibs.  As a mother of three children, I have grown to really appreciate the importance of a good bib.  I like one that stays on, has lots of coverage, is easily wipeable, and has a pocket to catch the inevitable.  This bib has all of those things!


Two coordinating fat quarters
60″ half inch bias tape
Thermoweb Iron-On Vinyl
snap fastener kit
Teflon presser foot

Thank you to Blend Fabrics for sponsoring the fabrics used in my bibs.  The bibs in the main picture are made from Timber and Leaf by Sarah Watts.

Begin by printing out your pattern pieces.  The pdf file can be downloaded here.

Apply the vinyl following the directions on the packaging.  Because you don’t want pinholes in your laminated fabric, I suggest tracing your pattern pieces onto the paper backing which will cling to the laminate while you cut.

Do the same with the pocket pattern piece, using your contrasting print.

Next, cut your pieces and pull off the protective sheet to reveal your laminated fabric pieces.

Fold your bib pocket along the fold line (Remember not to iron directly onto the laminate, use that protective paper!).  Using a Teflon presser foot or an ultra glide foot, top stitch along the upper edge of the pocket. I used two rows of stitching for a more professional look but it isn’t necessary.

Stay stitch the pocket in place along the very edge.

Next, prepare approximately 60″ of half inch binding by folding it in half and ironing it.  You can use a Clover Bias Tape Maker in the 1/2″ size to make your own coordinating bias tape.  Begin applying the binding at the upper left neck edge as shown in the picture above.  Carefully work your way around the bib.

Finish off your bib by adding a snap using a Dritz snap fastener kit in the 7/16″ size.  This bib is made with Bugs by Jone Hallmark, perfect for a little boy.

For a fancier bib, you can use a pearl snap.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and won’t be scared to try your own iron-on laminate project!  It ironed on easily and yielded a really professional looking product.


Don’t forget…you can shop for all the Therm O Web and HeatnBond products used today right from our own website! It’s safe, secure and fast too!

Pinterest Inspiration Week

There are so many great things to look at on Pinterest that I’ll often pop over there for “just a minute”, only to find out that half an hour has gone by. Here in Boston we have had our fill of winter. Between the blizzard two weekends ago and another storm this past weekend, it seems like maybe old Mr. Groundhog got it wrong after all. When I went to Pinterest in search of my inspiration for this project, I was looking for something to take my mind off of winter. Here is what I came up with:
Pinterest Inspired Pillow

Pinterest source and original source

and here is the project – a beach themed breakfast tray.


Start with an unfinished wood tray from the craft store then sand, paint, and adhere a collage of patterned papers (SuperStik Glue Stick and a Sticky Tape Runner work well for this). Then dry brush white paint over the whole thing. What really sets this tray apart is the jute wrapped handles.


Sticky Lines is the perfect adhesive for this – it works like hot glue only without the mess!


Cut a piece of Sticky Lines adhesive to the length of the top edge of the handle, peel off one side of the liner,


and adhere. Keep the top of the liner in place until you have attached the bottom piece.


Cut another piece and adhere to the underside of the handle.


Adhere one end of a length of jute to the bottom edge of the handle. Inexpensive garden twine works well for this.


Start wrapping…


it really doesn’t take too long, but go slowly so that there are no gaps in the jute.


When you get to the end, you might need to add a small sliver of adhesive to the end of the jute to keep it in place. I also used fine tipped scissors to trim the fuzzy ends of the twine that were sticking out – this made the handle smoother and nicer to hold.


Thanks for visiting!


Therm O Web

Sticky Lines
SuperStik Permanent Glue Stick
Sticky Tape Runner


Beach 12×12 Scrapbook Kit – Me & My BIG Ideas
Wood bedside tray – craft store
Jute – garden center
Acrylic paint – craft store


Thanks to everyone who stopped by from Sew Daily! Our HeatnBond prize pack winner is:

This is so cute and yet so simple! LOVE IT!!! I’m working on cards for heart day…running out of time so I best get to it. Thanks for sharing and have a good one!


Congrats to you Debbie! Please email me at with your information! Be sure to visit us all this week for more Pinterest inspired crafts and projects!


Happy Valentine’s Day from Therm O Web!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

The perfect day to show those your love just how much they mean to you! (although you can do this all year round!)

Designers Audrey Pettit and Rebecca Keppel have two projects that would be beautiful to have out any day of the year!



No. 14 Heart Ornament by Audrey Pettit


Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Tape
Therm O Web Spray n’ Bond Fusible Adhesive
Therm O Web Zots Singles Large Clear Adhesive Dots
Stamps: Stampin’Up
Floss: DMC
Ink: SEI
Paint: Delta
Beaded Heart: Jolees
Other: Muslin Fabric, Lace, Button, Thread, Hemp, Polyfill Fiber

I love to make handmade home decor pieces for the holidays. These little pillow hearts are super fun to create and make a great little gift or accent in your home. And with a few time-saving tricks thanks to the help of Therm O Web’s line of fusible adhesives, you can make a lot of these cuties in very little time. Bonus!


To get started, hand cut or die cut three hearts from muslin fabric. They can be any size or shape you wish. My heart is about 3″ x 4″. If you are hand-cutting, make sure that all three of your hearts are identical. For mine, I free-hand cut my first heart, and then used it as a template for the additional two hearts.

Cut one of the fabric hearts randomly across into three separate pieces, as shown above. Now have fun embellishing the pieces with stamped images. I used some graphic number stamps and line border stamps. Using the cut edges as guides can help keep your stamping straight, or just go crazy. This is the messy, artsy part, so have FUN!


When you are done embellishing, turn your cut fabric pieces over and apply Therm O Web Fabric Fuse tape to the edges. Adhere lace trim.

Now take your second muslin heart and spray it with Therm O Web Spray n’ Bond Fusible Adhesive. Adhere your embellished cut pieces on top of the second heart to create one whole heart. Using Therm O Web’s fusible adhesives completely eliminates the need to pin each piece, which is a great time-saving tip!

Continue to embellish with hand-stitching along the “seams”. Dry brush white paint over the heart and stitch a large button to the top corner. Using a Large Zots Singles Clear Adhesive Dot, apply a beaded heart charm to the center of the button.


Lay finished heart onto the third and last heart cut out. Machine stitch around the edges, leaving enough of an opening to fill with Polyfill stuffing before stitching all the way closed. I left my thread ends long for a different decorative touch. Tie a simple loop hanger out of hemp string and stitch to the top of the heart.

After the let down of taking down Christmas decorations, it is nice to have a reason to decorate again–enter Valentine’s Day decor! Making a pretty altered frame for Valentine’s Day is easy with Therm O Web adhesives.

rk TOW valentine7

Love Frame by Rebecca Keppel


Therm O Web Memory Runner
Therm O Web iCraft Sheets
Patterned Papers

Start with an empty frame, some fun patterned paper a Therm O Web Memory Runner and Therm O Web i Craft Sheets.

rk TOW valentine1

Cover the frame backing with patterned paper. Cut out a heart shape from the iCraft adhesive using a Cameo or other die cut machine.

rk TOW valentine2

Peel one side of the iCraft sheet off and adhere heart to the paper covered frame back. Remove the protective top of the iCraft sheet and adhere buttons in the heart pattern. Once the heart is full of buttons, pour fine glitter over the entire area to fill small cracks that are too tiny to insert buttons into.

rk TOW valentine3

Using an iCraft dot and tulle, make a rolled flower by twisting and adhering the tulle onto the iCraft dot. Spray lightly with Therm O Web Glitter Dust.

rk TOW valentine5

Peel off the protective backing and adhere to the frame. A light spray of Glitter Dust adds a slight glittery touch and the adhesive included in the Glitter Dust helps keep the flower’s shape.

rk TOW valentine6

The die cut iCraft sheets make this project quicker and easier than ever!

rk TOW valentine8

Happy Valentine’s Day!

♥ Rebecca


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Deliver Valentines In Style with Therm O Web

We’re just one week away from the sweetest holiday…Valentine’s Day!

Today Designer Melissa Bullock with a little help from her girls shows how you can deliver those Valentine’s in style!

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 017r

This idea came from an American Girl magazine.  Once my girls saw it they had to make one.  We just created it with Therm O Web!  And of course we had to make little doll-sized envelopes.

Therm O Web Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Washi tape
  • Small mailbox
  • Candlestick between 5″ – 8″ tall
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock

First cover the mailbox with strips of ribbon and washi tape.  Then out of iCraft Adhesive sheets, cut two large hearts for the mailbox end and 7 smaller hearts for the flag and mailbox body.  Peel off one layer of the iCraft backing, stick hearts to the mailbox.  ICraft Adhesive is so versatile it will stick to uneven textures, for example a seam between bulky ribbon and thin washi tape!  Peel off the remaining iCraft Adhesive backing and sprinkle iCraft hearts with glitter.  Use an old paintbrush to brush off excess glitter.  Finally, attach the mailbox to a candlestick with Jumbo Zots.

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 002r

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 003r

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 005r

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 013r


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Have a Heart {PiIllow} With Therm O Web

It’s official!

It’s February…or as we like to call it…the month of love!

After can profess your love to your sweetheart on February 14th and the rest of the everyone! We have the perfect way you can show your love from Designer Jenifer Cowles and her quilted heart pillow!

Jenifer_Cowles_TOW_Heart Pillow4

Hi this is Jenifer here with you today to share a quick and easy quilted heart pillow.

Therm O Web Supplies:
HeatNBond Feather Lite

Other Supplies:
Fabric Scraps
Embroidery Floss
Ric Rac 1/2″ from May Arts
14″ Pillow Form


Step 1:  *Note these measurements are for a 14″ pillow form.  Make a grid of 1 1/2″ squares on the Feather Lite HeatNBond.

Jenifer_Cowles_TOW_Heart pillow 1

Step 2:  Cut out a 90 red and pink 1 1/2″ squares this will make up your heart, 65 white 1 1/2″ squares and 20 half square triangles.  Lay everything out as desired and press it all in place.

Jenifer_Cowles_TOW_Heart pillow2

Step 3:  Using 1/4″ seam allowance sew all of your seams vertically.  Press.  Using a 1/4″ seam allowance sew all of your seams horizontally.  Press.  Nice and easy

Jenifer_Cowles_TOW_Heart Pillow 3

Step 4:  Optional Embroidery around the heart.  Sew the front to the back with the Ric-Rac sandwiched in between leaving a 4″ opening.  Insert your pillow form and stitch opening closed.

Jenifer_Cowles_TOW_Heart Pillow 5

Now you have a quick cute pillow for Valentines day.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for more Valentines Day inspiration.


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Spring Basket Pillow Therm O Web Featured Project

If you haven’t received the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, this beautiful pillow by Designer Audrey Pettit was our featured project.

Here’s the full tutorial so you too can recreate it!

5_8_08 1501

Kiss of the Sun Decorative Pillow by Audrey Pettit

Therm O Web HeatnBond Fusible Fleece
Therm O Web SpraynBond™ Basting Adhesive
Muslin and Wool Fabric
DMC Embroidery Floss
Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps Kiss of the Sun Rubber Stamp
Kraft Outlet Cardstock
Stampin’Up Basic Brown Ink
Papertrey Ink Simply Chartreuse Topnotch Twill Tape (3/8-inch)
Pinking Shears
Safety Pin
Used Coffee Grounds
Polyfill Stuffing

5_8_08 1499


1. Cut muslin fabric to 4.5″ x 8″. Soak fabric in used coffee grounds and water to give fabric a stained and aged appearance. Allow muslin to dry completely.
*Note that the longer the fabric soaks in the grounds, the darker the staining will appear.

2. Draw or transfer embroidery pattern onto the muslin. For the project shown, the basket outline and flower stems were lightly hand-drawn with pencil as a general stitching guide. Embroider pattern as follows:
Basket Outline and Flower Stems: Outline Stitch
Basket Weave and Leaves: Satin Stitch
Flowers: French Knots, Satin Stitch, and Lazy Daisies


3. Lay fusible fleece and stitched muslin out on a large surface. Fold back one half of the muslin fabric and spray SpraynBond™ Basting Adhesive evenly on the back of the fabric and smooth it out onto the fleece (reposition as needed to avoid any wrinkles or bumps). Repeat with the other side.

4. Trim off any extra fleece.

5. Cut backing fabric to size. With right sides facing, machine stitch layers together using a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving an opening on the bottom side. Flip fabric so that the right sides are out, stuff with polyfill stuffing, and stitch pillow closed using a slip stitch.

6. Stamp verse onto kraft cardstock with brown ink. Trim into a small tag. Cut decorative edge on bottom of the tag using pinking shears. Tie twill ribbon into a bow. Pin bow and tag to pillow.

You can shop online at our Therm O Web store for the HeatnBond and SpraynBond products as used for this project! Click here to shop!


Therm O Web at CHA Winter 2013

We’d like to invite you to join us today for a walk through the 2013 Winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) event at our Therm O Web booth. We realize not everyone can attend so here’s a peek into what goes on at our booth!


For this show we chose a Winter Wedding theme for our booth. Snowflakes, wedding bouquets, bridal veils and more all come together with our Therm O Web Adhesives and our Glitter Dust Spray and new Photo Corners.

The booth takes almost 3 days to set up from the outside truce to all the product placements and arrangement.  There are endless details to coordinate…but in the end it always comes together..and once again did for our Winter Wedding!


Joe and Candace testing out placement for the Photo Booth frame..


Scott trying out the frame and photo props…looking good!


Putting the final finishing touches on the booth for the start of the show..


And we’re ready and busy…


One our of “Winter Wedding” guests having fun after our make n take!
TOW Booth Fun

Our beautiful “Guest Table” with cards, gifts and presents for the couple..


Our “Wedding Head Table” with flower bouquets, headpieces and much more..TOW-Wedding-Table

Our Therm O Web “Wedding Cake” with layers of Mini Runners, Glitter Dust, NEW Glitter Dust Photo Corners and Zots!



Cards, paper flower bouquets, wedding purses and more all using our Therm O Web products and Glitter Dust!


Wedding-Bookcase-TopSome funny photo outtakes from our “Photo Booth!”Fun-Photos

A bookcase of Therm O Web Winter Wedding pretties..layouts, topiary, banner, cards and more!Wedding-Bookcase

Some of our amazing ladies.. Lorin and Sharon!

Lorin Sharon

Susan Opel from Paper Crafts and Julia..

Julia Susan Opel

Candace and Julia at the Fave Crafts Blogger event with Liz Del Real Hicks, Lorrie McCullers and Mr. Fave Crafts himself!

Fave Crafts Event

Our booth team…left to right: Scott, Sharon, Candace, Joe, Lorin and Julia.


Time to tear down…strangely tear down does go much quicker then setup!lol


We hope you enjoyed the peek into CHA! Be sure to join us all this week as we share more photos from the show and help you wrap up all those holiday memories with projects highlighting Therm O Web and Die Cuts with a View! We’ll see you right here tomorrow!


Pat Sloan Is A “Little Flirt!” with Therm O Web


My quilt “Flirt” is hanging in the CHA Booth this winter… I can’t wait to see the photos of the booth, I know it is going to be fantastic!!  I thought you might like to see how this quilt developed. I used a charm pack + more yardage. Some rick rack and some Heat n Bond lite brings it together!

authentic quilt in progress 1

This blocks started like this

authentic quilt in progress 2

then I tried out a flower idea.. which looked pretty good!

authentic quilt in progress 3

Let’s add a few more with rick rack stems

authentic border audition

even MORE rick rack and now a border auditon

authentic quilt in progress 4

How about a closeup


Heat n Bond lite is so wonderful to work with. I can blanket stitch and it does not gum up AT ALL!

pat sloan final authentic

and a last shot of the quilt before I stitched that binding on!

I blog daily about quilting.. come visit me at





We’re busy getting back on track from our time at Winter CHA! Look for photos from us this coming week of our booth and many of the products we spied throughout the show! Here’s a shot of Pat’s two beautiful quilts as part of the “Wedding Presents” area of our Winter Wedding booth!

Here’s a fun shot of our group (l to r: Scott Glazer, Sharon Contreras, Candace Kos, Lorin Glazer, Joe Wallentin and Julia Sandvoss) in our fun Therm O Web “photo booth” spot!

Winter Votive Vase from Therm O Web

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 1

Winter Votive Vases by Patti Milazzo

I embellished an inexpensive glass vase and votive candle holder with Therm O Web’s Supertape, iCraft Adhesive Sheets and Glitter Dust to add glitter and sparkle to this wintry wedding décor.
Therm O Web Supplies:

Therm O Web Supertape 1/8”

Therm O Web Zots – Bling

Therm O Web Zots – Small

Therm O Web Zots – Medium

Therm O Web Zots – 3D

Therm O Web Glitter Dust – Silver and Iridescent

Therm O Web iCraft Adhesive Sheet

Other Supplies:
Sizzix Snowflake Die

Glass vase and glass votive candle holder (craft store – less than $2 for both)

Doodlebug Design Sugar Coated Metallic Aluminum Glitter (loose glitter)

Iridescent Fine Glitter by Creative Beginnings

Gems, ribbon and tag or accent to embellish

Artificial decorative snow (craft or home improvement store)

  1. Lightly spray the glass vase and votive with Silver Glitter Dust and let dry.
  2. To add iridescent sparkle to the snow, place fake decorative snow in a discarded cardboard box (shirt box) and lightly spray, then fluff with a plastic fork and let dry.
  3. In the meantime, apply 1/8” Supertape around top or top edge of glass containers.  If applying around a circular shape, as shown with the votive, press, reposition and smooth out the tape as needed.  Don’t worry about minor imperfections or bumps as they will not show once the glitter is applied.

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 2

  1. Remove the tape and apply loose glitter.  Sprinkle on or apply and press with a dry paint brush.  Use your finger to smooth it over and then use the paint brush to lightly brush away any excess.
  2. Next, diecut (or punch) snowflakes from iCraft Adhesive Sheets.  Carefully peel away the backing and apply to side of vase.  3 snowflakes were applied to this vase.  Press firmly to ensure that the adhesive is secure, then remove the top protective layer and apply loose glitter.

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 3

  1. Add snow to the vase and insert votive holder and candle.
  2. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the vase, use a Small and Medium Zots to secure it hold the ribbon in place.  Tie a separate bow and again use a Zot to adhere it to the ribbon.  Trim tails as needed.

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 4

  1. Use Bling Zots to adhere gems inside snowflakes
  2. Create a tag from embossed cardstock.  Punch larger heart from light pink cardstock and apply to tag with 3D Zot.  Add letter stickers below – “I Do”

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 5

  1. Apply iCraft Adhesive Sheet to cardstock and punch out small heart.  Peel away protective layer and apply pink glitter.  Use a Zot to apply to the larger heart to complete the project.

Here’s a peek at some of the other beautiful projects Designer Patti Milazzo created for our Winter Wedding theme at CHA..



Pinecone Topiaries

Therm O Web Supplies:

Glitter Dust (Iridescent, Silver & Pink)
Zots (Bling, Small & Medium)
1/8” Supertape
iCraft Adhesive Sheet



Wedding Card Cake Box

Therm O Web Supplies:
iCraft Adhesive Tape ( ¼” & ½” )
Supertape ( ¼” & ½” )
Zots (Craft, Bling, Small, Medium, 3D)
iCraft Sheet



Wedding Hair Piece

Therm O Web Supplies: 

Glitter Dust (Iridescent)
Zots (Small and Medium)
¼” Supertape


Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we have more beautiful projects to share with you that were displayed at our booth at the 2013 Winter CHA!