Therm O Web at CHA Winter 2013

We’d like to invite you to join us today for a walk through the 2013 Winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) event at our Therm O Web booth. We realize not everyone can attend so here’s a peek into what goes on at our booth!


For this show we chose a Winter Wedding theme for our booth. Snowflakes, wedding bouquets, bridal veils and more all come together with our Therm O Web Adhesives and our Glitter Dust Spray and new Photo Corners.

The booth takes almost 3 days to set up from the outside truce to all the product placements and arrangement.  There are endless details to coordinate…but in the end it always comes together..and once again did for our Winter Wedding!


Joe and Candace testing out placement for the Photo Booth frame..


Scott trying out the frame and photo props…looking good!


Putting the final finishing touches on the booth for the start of the show..


And we’re ready and busy…


One our of “Winter Wedding” guests having fun after our make n take!
TOW Booth Fun

Our beautiful “Guest Table” with cards, gifts and presents for the couple..


Our “Wedding Head Table” with flower bouquets, headpieces and much more..TOW-Wedding-Table

Our Therm O Web “Wedding Cake” with layers of Mini Runners, Glitter Dust, NEW Glitter Dust Photo Corners and Zots!



Cards, paper flower bouquets, wedding purses and more all using our Therm O Web products and Glitter Dust!


Wedding-Bookcase-TopSome funny photo outtakes from our “Photo Booth!”Fun-Photos

A bookcase of Therm O Web Winter Wedding pretties..layouts, topiary, banner, cards and more!Wedding-Bookcase

Some of our amazing ladies.. Lorin and Sharon!

Lorin Sharon

Susan Opel from Paper Crafts and Julia..

Julia Susan Opel

Candace and Julia at the Fave Crafts Blogger event with Liz Del Real Hicks, Lorrie McCullers and Mr. Fave Crafts himself!

Fave Crafts Event

Our booth team…left to right: Scott, Sharon, Candace, Joe, Lorin and Julia.


Time to tear down…strangely tear down does go much quicker then setup!lol


We hope you enjoyed the peek into CHA! Be sure to join us all this week as we share more photos from the show and help you wrap up all those holiday memories with projects highlighting Therm O Web and Die Cuts with a View! We’ll see you right here tomorrow!



Glitter Dust Fall Leaves Banner

I love fall and with the leaves changing colors I wanted to do a quick fun project with the kids.


Supplies used:  Large Zots, ribbon, leaves and gold glitter dust.

Spray the leaves with the glitter dust and sandwich them between the ribbon. and you are done:)  Quick and easy.

Here is a close up of the leaves with the glitter on them.  They turned out pretty cool.  I have all sorts of Ideas for thanksgiving now.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.


Using Therm O Web HeatnBond to Cut Fabric

It is pretty easy to make your own fabric embellishments if you have a Silhouette and Therm O Web HeatnBond.

First, you need to fuse the HeatnBond to your fabric. The HeatnBond stiffens the fabric enough for it to be cut by the blade.

The HeatnBond instructions say to put the rough side of the HeatnBond on the wrong side of the fabric. To my eye it was easy to see the shiner side (which has the adhesive the iron is going to stick to the fabric).

Once you cover the HeatnBond and fabric with a light pressing fabric you press the iron for 10-15 seconds. Once the fabric and HeatnBond is attached flip it over.  You can heat it a few more seconds on the front side to make sure it stays adhered.

Then you can trim it so all of the fabric is covered completely by HeatnBond. I thought my fabric was very lightweight but I needed to use the canvas settings on my Cameo.

Once the shape was cut out I put the pieces together with Therm O Web Zots

  and adhered the fabric bows…

to a hair clip…

and card with more Zots.

I will definitely be stocking up on more HeatnBond so I can make my own fabric embellishments!

🙂 Rebecca

Quick and Easy No Sew Letters

I have been meaning to do a Happy Birthday Banner for awhile now and I tend to forget about it until a few days before the actual Birthday, when I have completely run out of time.  Well let me just say that with Therm O Webs new Fusible Spray you can do it minutes before you need it.

I made these flags a few years ago to match some quilts that I had made for my boys, we have since move on to another theme and color pallet but I couldn’t get rid of the flags that I had already made.  You could make your own by simply sewing 2 triangles together and attaching them all with a long piece of ribbon or you could use a purchased banner/flag.

Step one is picking out a font and cutting out backwards on the wrong side of the fabric, that way the letters a correct when you turn them over.  I used a scrap piece of corduroy.

I then cut the letters out and sprayed them with the Fusible spray.  Spray on a good layer and it will turn a bit white.

Let that dry and then Iron on your letters to your banner and you are done.

I have been messing with the letters and they seriously don’t budge.  I am so impress that I can’t wait to find more project to make with this wonderful spray.

Stop by my blog next week to see the entire banner and how the party turned out.


Spring Tee

Hello and Happy Tuesday Therm O Web friends!  It’s Erin here today, and I have a little spring tee to share with you!

We made it with this Fabulous NEW product…SpraynBond Basting Adhesive!!!  Literally magic in a bottle, when it comes to our household, since we do not sew!

Here’s the materials we used…a Tshirt, some Moda fabric, some Maya Road chipboard pieces to trace from, and this magical can of Basting Adhesive!

My daughter chose the chipboard pieces, traced and cut the fabric out!

Then, we simply followed the instructions from the can:  Hold can upright, 12 inches from surface.  Press nozzle and apply adhesive using a sweeping motion to lightly cover surface.  Press sprayed item onto project while still tacky.

She wants to make these at her upcoming birthday party…think the girls will have a ball!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you have some crafty time of your very own today!

Erin Yamabe

Mini Easter Baskets

Easter is less than a week away!  I created these mini Easter baskets for my daughters to sit next to their breakfast plates.  They will contain little treats to hold my kids over until the big egg hunt.

I cut the kraft cardstock baskets with my Silhouette.  I also cut an extra scallop border out of Therm O Web iCraft sheets so I could add glitter to the edges of the basket.

I then folded the basket attaching the side together with Therm O Web Super Tape.  I also added ribbon to the handle with Super Tape.  I attached the handle to the basket with brads so the handle could swing up and down.

To create the bunnies I ironed Therm O Web Heat N Bond Lite to my fabric.  Then I cut the fabric bunnies with the Silhouette.  I adhered the bunnies to a paper bunny slightly larger than the fabric one with Therm O Web Super Stik glue stick.  This just gave the fabric some stability.

I attached the bunnies, ribbon flowers, pennants, and buttons with Therm O Web Zots to decorate the baskets.  Oh, and to get fun and ecofriendly Easter grass, shred scraps of patterned paper with a plain old office shredder!

Spring Dot Table Runner

Last spring, I made a simple spring dot table runner.  It was really easy to make all thanks to HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive.

Basically, I started out by cutting thirty neutral 5″ squares:

Next, I drew 30 circles onto the paper-side of my HeatnBond Lite.  I just traced around the base of a plastic cup!

Next, I cut out sections containing 5-6 circles and paired each section with my favorite springtime fabric scraps.  Using medium heat and no steam, I fused the HeatnBond Lite to the fabric scrap, making sure the gritty-side of the HeatnBond Lite was against the “wrong” side of the fabric.

Next, I carefully cut out all of the circles and removed the paper-backing.

I centered each circle in the middle of one of the 5″ neutral squares. I fused the circle in place by holding the iron over the area 2-3 seconds.

Then, I stitched around the perimeter of the circle to keep it permanently in place. You could do this by machine or by hand!

Finally, I sewed the blocks together to make a table runner! Depending on the size of your table, there are a variety of ways to lay the blocks in rows! I made mine long and skinny.  To see the full tutorial, visit here.


Spring is coming soon and I can think of no better way to celebrate than sewing a bright and cheery table runner!


Quilted Die Cut Fabric Embellishments

Today I want to share an easy technique for adding quilted fabric embellishments for your projects.  I cut my shape using a steel rule die, but you could cut your shape free hand or by tracing the shape with a stencil or pattern.

Begin by cutting two pieces of fabric and one piece of thin batting slightly larger than your die shape.  Place the first piece of fabric wrong side up and apply a layer of SuperStik glue stick to the backside of the fabric.

Place the batting onto the first piece of fabric.  Apply SuperStik to the top of the piece of batting.

Place the second piece of fabric on top of the batting.  Burnish over the three assembled layers with a craft scraper or edge of a ruler to help them bond together.

Place the assembled piece on the die and die cut according to your machine or die instructions.

Use an air or water dissolving fabric pen to draw stitching guides on your fabric as desired.  I planned to use my piece on a harlequin embossed tag and wanted to duplicate the harlequin pattern’s lines into my quilting.  To do this, I applied just enough SuperStik to the back of my fabric heart to hold it in place while I used a ruler to draw the pattern’s lines onto my heart.  I used a Distress Ink Marker to draw my lines so that I could add a subtle layer of color under by stitches.

I machine stitched over each marker line.

If you were to use a non-dissolving pen like me, and were to decide that you did not care for the marker lines under the stitching, you can simply flip the piece over and use the reverse side.  This also would be a simple solution for creating sewing lines for anyone not having a dissolving ink pen.

To erase the dissolving marks, mist the heart with water.  I wanted my lines to show, but wanted to soften and blur them, so I misted my fabric with water to activate the Distress Ink Marker, which is water reactive just like the ink in Distress Ink Pads.

After drying the heart, I added extra Distress Ink to the edges of the heart to add a bit of age and shabbiness to it.

I adhered the fabric heart to my tag lining up the stitched lines with the embossed lines.  I finished the tag by adding ribbon and a small text tag.


Easy no pattern girls skirt


This skirt is really super easy and doesn’t require a pattern.  It is basically a bunch of rectangles.  The first thing you need to do is take a couple measurements.  You need the waist measurement and the length of the skirt measurement.  My daughter’s waist is 21” and I wanted it to be 23” long (plus 2” for elastic casing and hem).  Cut out 3 rectangles to your measurements, mine were 21″x25″.  Cut 1 of your rectangles in half 10 1/2″x25″ these will be the sides that you will sew your ruffles to.  Then determine what size and how many ruffles you want.  Mine are 5”x21″ and I have 3 on each side.  You could do 2 6” ruffles, this is where you make the choice.
Hem all your ruffle pieces and then ruffle the other end (I ran mine thru a ruffle foot for my Sewing machine.)  Evenly space your ruffles on your side pieces and sew them down.  Sew down your ribbon over the top exposed seam to enclose it.
Sew the ruffle sides to the front and back rectangles, making sure your ruffles are laying down properly.  At the top fold down the edge ¼” and then fold it over again 1” down and sew your elastic casing leaving a 2” gap to insert the elastic.  Insert the elastic and sew it together and close the gap.
Hem the bottom of the skirt, I used a ½” at the bottom.  Find some fabric scraps, apply some Heat N Bond and hand draw a little bird and wing or any cute little shape you like.  Sew down the 1/8” velvet for the legs.  Cut out and Iron the bird to the front of your skirt.  For fun I added the sheer box pleats to make it look like the bird was wearing a cut little ruffle skirt as well.
Thanks so much for reading my tutorial today.  Please leave a link if you make one of your own I would love to see it.

Easy Sewn Coin Purse from Tag Die Cut

Back in November I shared how I made fabric tags for my Christmas packages using the Tim Holtz Tag and Book Plates Sizzix die.  I was looking at one of those tags a few days ago and it struck me how if it were folded in (almost) thirds, it was the perfect size and shape for a cute little mini coin purse.

To create the mini coin purse, cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of thin batting slightly larger than the tag shape on the die.  Iron and fuse HeatnBond Craft Fusible Interfacing to the back side of the two pieces of fabric.

Cut the two pieces of fabric (with interfacing fused to the back side) and the one piece of batting using the tag die.

Apply SuperStik Glue stick to interfacing side of the two fabric tags.

Place the batting between the two fabric tags (interfacing facing the batting) using the SuperStik on the fabric tags to hold all three pieces together.  Sew along the outer edges of the tag, about 1/4″ from the edge.

Fold the tag so that the bottom edge is about 1 3/4″ from the top edge of the tag.  Fold the top of the tag down so that it creates a flap.

Place a piece of Velcro fastener on the inside of the flap covering the punched tag hole.  Place the matching velcro piece on the outside of the coin purse so that it matches up with the Velcro on the flap when the flap is closed.

Cut a piece of double fold bias tape over the bottom edge of the tag.  Sew the bias tape in place.  Sew both pieces of Velcro in place as well.

Trim the outer edges with pinking shears making sure to not cut into the line of stitching.

Fold the tag again and sew along the sides to form a pocket.

A fabric label can be added to the outer flap to hide the stitching from the Velcro tab.

This little coin purse is simple and so quick to create from scraps of fabric.  It makes a cute gift that can be easily personalized, all in under an hour.  (To make your own stamped labels, check out the tutorial I shared for the original fabric tags to see how I made some with stamps.)