DIY Washi Tape Tutorial with iCraft Adhesive

Have you jumped on the washi tape bandwagon yet? If so, you might like to try making your own – especially once you see how easy it is using iCraft adhesive sheets.

Today Designer Alice Golden is sharing a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the steps of creating custom washi.



Therm O Web:

iCraft Adhesive Sheets
1/4″ and 1/2″ Foam Squares


PADX-229 Mambi Sheets Specialty Cardstock – Me & My Big Ideas
Background Basics: Newsprint, Fancy Folk Art stamps and dies – Papertrey Ink
Assorted ink pads
Spotlight glitter – Making Memories

Part of what makes washi tape so much fun to use is that it is slightly transparent. After experimenting with several options, including tissue paper, handmade paper, vellum, and coffee filters, I found that the best thing to use to create washi are paper napkins.


The key is to separate the different layers of the napkin. You will want just a single layer so that it adheres to the iCraft and doesn’t separate when you apply it to your project.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-03 Adhere a single napkin layer to a sheet of iCraft. I experimented with using iCraft tape and while that works too, I like being able to create various widths of washi and the sheet gives you the most flexibility.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-04

Don’t worry about a few wrinkles – they add to the overall effect.
Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-05 Now comes the fun part – decorate your washi however you like. I added ink and stamped over the top. It is great to be able to create washi to match your project. Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-06This technique is very forgiving as any stamping imperfections disappear once you start cutting this into strips of tape.

Trim around the edges of the iCraft sheet.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-08 And trim in whatever widths you like. You can trim in one direction to get a mix of patterns and colors or trim in the opposite direction to get uniform patterns.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-09 Because iCraft can be die-cut, punched, and torn you can create a variety of edges on your tape. Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-10 This only took a few minutes and used just a single sheet of iCraft – I love projects that are quick and inexpensive, don’t you?Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-11 Paper napkins are available in an unlimited array of colors and patterns – you don’t even need to add any ink or stamping – just separate the layers and adhere to iCraft. Here I used a blue napkin and added a few stamped images. I really like the way the white ink looks.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-12 When you are ready to use the washi on a project, all you need to do is peel off the protective layer on the back. A pair of craft tweezers come in handy here.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-13 I used some of the homemade washi on the background of this card. Notice how you can still see the patterned paper under the washi? Just like the real thing.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-14Coordinating stamps and die were used to create the focal point. A mix of 1/4″ and 1/2″ foam squares gives it added dimension.
Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-15Don’t throw away any leftover pieces of iCraft… here I used a scrap of iCraft and coordinating die to cut out petals.
Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-16 Adhere the die-cut iCraft directly over the stamped imageAlice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-17 remove the protective layer from the front and sprinkle with glitter. It’s a quick and easy (and much neater!) way of adding glitter to a project instead of using a liquid glue.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-18 Here is the finished card – wish you could see it in person because that touch of glitter adds so much to the overall look.


Thanks so much for visiting today! Be sure to let us know on our Facebook page or post a comment here with a link to your project if you give this technique a try. We hope you do!


Pinterest Inspiration Week

There are so many great things to look at on Pinterest that I’ll often pop over there for “just a minute”, only to find out that half an hour has gone by. Here in Boston we have had our fill of winter. Between the blizzard two weekends ago and another storm this past weekend, it seems like maybe old Mr. Groundhog got it wrong after all. When I went to Pinterest in search of my inspiration for this project, I was looking for something to take my mind off of winter. Here is what I came up with:
Pinterest Inspired Pillow

Pinterest source and original source

and here is the project – a beach themed breakfast tray.


Start with an unfinished wood tray from the craft store then sand, paint, and adhere a collage of patterned papers (SuperStik Glue Stick and a Sticky Tape Runner work well for this). Then dry brush white paint over the whole thing. What really sets this tray apart is the jute wrapped handles.


Sticky Lines is the perfect adhesive for this – it works like hot glue only without the mess!


Cut a piece of Sticky Lines adhesive to the length of the top edge of the handle, peel off one side of the liner,


and adhere. Keep the top of the liner in place until you have attached the bottom piece.


Cut another piece and adhere to the underside of the handle.


Adhere one end of a length of jute to the bottom edge of the handle. Inexpensive garden twine works well for this.


Start wrapping…


it really doesn’t take too long, but go slowly so that there are no gaps in the jute.


When you get to the end, you might need to add a small sliver of adhesive to the end of the jute to keep it in place. I also used fine tipped scissors to trim the fuzzy ends of the twine that were sticking out – this made the handle smoother and nicer to hold.


Thanks for visiting!


Therm O Web

Sticky Lines
SuperStik Permanent Glue Stick
Sticky Tape Runner


Beach 12×12 Scrapbook Kit – Me & My BIG Ideas
Wood bedside tray – craft store
Jute – garden center
Acrylic paint – craft store


Thanks to everyone who stopped by from Sew Daily! Our HeatnBond prize pack winner is:

This is so cute and yet so simple! LOVE IT!!! I’m working on cards for heart day…running out of time so I best get to it. Thanks for sharing and have a good one!


Congrats to you Debbie! Please email me at with your information! Be sure to visit us all this week for more Pinterest inspired crafts and projects!


Crafty Valentine Cupcake Garland

With the increasing popularity of all things cupcake, it’s no surprise that there is a huge variety of cupcake liners on the market. They are inexpensive and fun to collect, and not only work great for their original purpose, but are also fun to use in craft projects. Today Designer Alice Golden will be sharing an easy way to use iCraft adhesive dots and cupcake liners to create a Valentine themed window garland.


To start, gather some cupcake liners in assorted sizes (alternatively, use one size and trim the edges with decorative scissors to create the various layers). ValentineGarland2 Slightly crumple the center of the liner to flatten. ValentineGarland3 ValentineGarland4 Use fishing line as the base of the garland and be sure to leave extra on either end. The garland is double-sided so that it will look good from any direction. Begin by creating a cupcake liner sandwich – place a liner face down and add an iCraft dot in the center. Run fishing line through the middle and top with another liner. ValentineGarland5 ValentineGarland6 The fun part is layering on additional embellishments. Add additional cupcake liners or die cut shapes, along with buttons, ribbon, and glitter. Use iCraft dots between the liners and Zots to attach heavier items.


Die cut shapes from iCraft dots, add glitter, and use in the center of the medallions. Both the positive and negative images can be used. ValentineGarland8 Here the positive die cut is used on a cardstock circle… simply remove the protective liner from the front, ValentineGarland9 add glitter and brush off any excess.


Here is what the negative image looks like applied directly to a liner.


Try different size shapes and a variety of glitters. This one uses a small heart die and clear glitter.



The heart from the center of the die cut above was added to the top of a button and glittered then attached using Zots.


Buttons not only look good, but they help add weight to the garland so that it hangs straight down.


Once you get started with this, you won’t want to stop!


Therm O Web Supplies:

iCraft dots in assorted sizes 1/2″
Zots Singles Craft


Cupcake liners
Decorative edged scissors
Heart die cuts

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Audrey Pillow

For details on Audrey’s Pillow as shown today on Sew Daily…click here and page down to the project!

Winter Wedding Flowers – Part Two

Back again with another tutorial for creating beautiful (and inexpensive) handmade flowers like these that were created for a wedding cake display in the Therm O Web booth at CHA.


This flower starts with pages from an old book. I found this one at a used bookstore for $1. It is full of lots of text in different fonts and was printed in 1970. It seemed like the perfect thing to use for paper crafts. I didn’t notice what the book was about until I started cutting up the pages to use in projects… there are some pretty wacky articles in here! Have you heard the saying “Don’t pick the flowers”? Well if you are CHA, I should warn you not to read the flowers!


Choose a few pages that are full of text and die cut the flower petals. I created two sizes of flowers… I used the two larger dies for one and the two smaller dies for the other. For each flower, cut 4 petals from each die, for a total of 8 per flower. You will also need something to use as the center. These stems were purchased in the floral section of a craft store.


You also need some tulle or netting.


At first I tried to die cut the tulle, but that didn’t work too well. It is easier to simply use the die as a template and cut using scissors. Cut one circle that is roughly the same size as each die cut petal… no need to be exact here. Fold the tulle and cut several at once.



Now we are ready to start assembling the flowers.


First, crumple each book print petal.


The basis of each flower is a 2″ iCraft dot. It’s helpful to peel the protective liner off the front and have it ready so you can adhere each petal as it is completed.


Beginning with the largest size die cuts, layer a piece of tulle over the petal.


Fold in half and then in half again to create a quarter circle.


and place on the iCraft dot.


Continue adding the other three large petals until the circle is covered.


Add a 1 1/2″ iCraft dot on top of the first layer of petals.


Repeat the process with the smaller sized petals, adhering them at a 45° angle to the first layer.


Once you are finished with the second layer, use a piercing tool or needle to poke a hole through the center


and insert a flower stem (or another option, such as a brad, button tied to piece of twine, wired bead… lots of ways to create different looks with this).


There you have it… a simple, inexpensive handmade flower… and a great way to add new life to old books.


Here are some of the flowers I created for the wedding cake topper.


I really like the way they look mixed in with the glittery snowflakes and other flowers.


Use the same technique – minus the tulle – to create variations. Here is one made from a shimmery vellum.


and another made from a vellum printed with snowflakes.


If you would like to learn how to create the roses from this project using inexpensive coffee filters, be sure to check out part I of this post: Winter Wedding Flowers – Part One.

Therm O Web Supplies:

1 1/2″ and 2″ iCraft adhesive dots

Nested Peony die – Spellbinders

book pages

flower stems

Winter Wedding Flowers – Part One

With CHA in full swing, you might enjoy a peek at some of the display pieces in our booth. Today and tomorrow Designer Alice Golden will be sharing tutorials for two types of handmade flowers that she used to create this wedding cake topper.


To create the coffee filter roses, start with an inexpensive coffee filter


and crumple it into a ball.


Flatten it out,


and fold it almost in half… you want the back half to extend slightly beyond the front half.


Next, start rolling into a flower shape. Note that I am holding this in my left hand for photography purposes, but I found it was much easier to roll it starting near the top edge of the filter. Concentrate on making the edges of the petals at the top look right and the rest of the flower will take care of itself.


Add a Zot to the edge of the filter to hold the flower in place.



One down…


Just a few more to make for the cake topper…


Once you start adding color, they really come alive. I sprayed this bunch with Pink Glitter Dust.


The edges of these roses were lightly brushed with silver metallic paint.


Join us tomorrow to learn how to make another type of flower using pages from an old book.



Therm O Web Supplies:

Pink Glitter Dust
Large Craft Zots

Other Supplies:

Coffee filter
silver paint

CHA-LogoWe’re hope if you’re attending the 2013 Winter CHA show you’ll be sure to stop by and visit our team at our Winter Wedding Therm O Web Booth!

We’re excited to show you all the Therm O Web products you’ve come to know and love plus our NEW Glitter Dust and Glitter Dust Corners! A match made in heaven!

A Few of Our Favorite Things Day Five…Oh So Pretty

A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2012

We’re back with more of our favorite things from this past year! Today we have a bit of this and a bit of that!

Designer Alice Golden has an amazing idea for how to make elegant flowers on a dime..or hey a penny! Designer Debbie Sherman’s painter’s tray caught our eye and Designer Jen Cowles daughter made a top over the summer we knew we had to share as well!

Hi there, Alice with you today to walk you through how I created an elegant flower embellishment for pennies. This would be perfect on a wedding or shower card, but the technique is easy to adapt to any theme or occasion.

It starts with a roll of crepe paper streamers which you can find at any craft or party store for less than $1. You can probably even find these at most grocery stores.

Fold the streamer back and forth several times to die cut several petals at once. I used a heart shape die, but other shapes would work just as well… or try free hand cutting a petal shape.

In no time at all you will have a big pile of petals. For each flower, I used 9 larger shapes and 5 smaller ones.

Next comes the glitter. I splurged for this gorgeous vintage silver glass glitter… I think the glass makes such a difference… but it is still relatively inexpensive as a little goes a long way. Take care not to cut your fingers by pressing them into the glitter.

I wanted a thin sprinkling of glitter on each petal so I swiped my SuperStik glue stick along the edge of each which creates a nice thin coating.

For this project I just wanted a thin coat of glitter, but you could use a liquid glue if you wanted a more distinct line of glitter on the edge.

But I really preferred the more subtle effect I got with my SuperStik… I hope you can get a feeling for how it created just a shimmer of sparkle on the edge.

and before you know it, you’ll have all your petals ready to go.

Now they are ready to be assembled. Start with a large iCraft dot

and place 5 large petals on top.

and then place another large iCraft dot on top of the petals

and then add 4 large petals on top of that, pinching them a bit so they sit closer to the center of the flower (don’t worry if the center looks a bit messy at this point, we’ll cover it up later).

and then add a smaller iCraft dot on top of this layer and finish it off with 5 of the smaller sized petals.

at this point you have created a flower sticker that is ready to go on your project – simply peel off the backing sheet of the iCraft dot you used as the base and you’re all set.

I used mine on a wedding card, but felt like it was still missing something. I die cut a few flourishes out of a sheet of iCraft adhesive

peeled off the backing sheet and adhered it to my card and then peeled off the protective sheet on the front and added a bit more glitter… I like that better, don’t you?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun trying this technique yourself.


Debbie with you today and I have a fun project to share with you.  I made this painters tray for my daughter in law a while back and of course it’s all held together with my favorite Therm O Web adhesives!! I adhered the patterned paper with the new iCraft Adhesive Sheets.  They are so fabulous for projects like this!  You don’t have to wait for it dry to finish your project!!

My daughter is 10 and this past weekend I decided that it was time to teach her how to sew.  We picked a super easy pattern (Simplicity 1817).  I found that it was easier if we both made one at the same time that way I wasn’t taking over :)   For this pattern we used HeatnBond Featherweight, it made her top still nice and light but giving it the little bit of support that it needed.  As you can see she is very proud of her new top that she made by herself, I could barely get her to take it off to wash it.

We even added a couple of rows of sequins ribbons to jazz it up a bit.

Take some time to share something you love to do with someone you love.  It can be very rewarding:)  We already have our next sewing project planned and ready to go.

A little bit of fabric, a little bit of HeatnBond, ribbon, and tread=quality time with a loved one=Priceless life long memories and skills.

CHA-LogoWe’re all gearing up for the Winter 2013 Craft and Hobby Show held in Anaheim, California this January 12th through the 15th!

We have a new item we’ll be debuting there…until’s mum’s the word!

Be sure to plan to visit our booth…see what’s new and join us for a bit of winter fun!

A Few Of Our Favorites Day Two…A Vintage Birdhouse

A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2012We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite projects from this past year!

Here’s one that definitely stood out…from Designer Alice Golden!

The calendar might say February, but this project will help put you in the mood for spring! Today I’m sharing a project created recently for Crafts ‘n things. I started with an inexpensive wooden birdhouse and used five different types of adhesive to apply the various finishes and embellishments – including the brand new iCraft sheets which will be available in late March.

(Photography by Joe Kay for Crafts ‘n things)

To make the glittered trim for the roof, I used a border punch to create a scalloped edge on a sheet of iCraft. (See that thin strip that is left over after punching? don’t toss it… save it for another project – something I really like about the iCraft sheets is that you can use up every last bit!)

Then I trimmed the scalloped piece to the width I needed using a paper trimmer (click on the photo to see a close up… notice how cleanly the punch cut through the iCraft)

After cutting one end to fit the peak of the roof, the strip was adhered to the edge. Then I removed the liner paper from the front of the adhesive and applied glitter. This was repeated three more times to finish off the front and back edges.

(Photography by Joe Kay for Crafts ‘n things)

Looks like glittered vellum, doesn’t it? While iCraft might have been the star of the show, several supporting characters played important roles too:

Tape Runner XL

(Photography by Joe Kay for Crafts ‘n things)

ZOTS for Bling

Ultra Thin ZIPS

1/8″ SuperTape

(Photography by Joe Kay for Crafts ‘n things)

What do you think? Can you almost hear baby birds chirping and smell freshly cut grass? Hope this project has put a little spring sunshine in your day. Complete instructions and a detailed supply list are available in Crafts ‘n things most recent newsletter. If you don’t already subscribe to it, you can sign up for free here: Crafts ‘n things Newsletter.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Wishing all of you a Very Healthy and Happy (and Crafty) New Year!!

Holiday Gift Ideas from Therm O Web

The week before Christmas always seems to go by much too quickly and I usually find myself in need of a few quick and easy, last-minute gifts.

Family members enjoy getting updated or seasonal photos of the kids and everyone I know likes candy. Using holiday-themed products and my favorite Therm O Web adhesives helped these gifts come together in no time at all.


There are lots of places to find inexpensive photo frames. This one came from IKEA and was available in several colors. Dress it up by attaching die cuts, punches, or stickers using a Mini Tape Runner or 3D Foam Squares or Strips.


Small or Medium Zots are perfect for attaching bows and rhinestones.


To dress up the glass jar, apply SuperTape to the back of ribbon and then wrap it around the top. Use iCraft dots to attach a decorative element to the lid.


Therm O Web:

Mini Tape Runner
3D Foam Squares
Small Zots
1/4″ Super Tape
iCraft dots


Nyttja Frame – IKEA
Glass storage jar – The Container Store
Christmas die cuts, sticker, papers, and embellishments – Me & My BIG Ideas
Red, Red & White Gingham ribbon

This time of year, I like to have gift cards and my favorite baking supplies on hand!

Makes for a great combination when I’m in need of a last minute gift!



Therm O Web Supplies:

Glitter Dust – Iridescent
Zots – Medium
Sticky Dot Runner

Other supplies:

Tag – American Tag Company
Doily – Michaels
Bakers Twine – Ruby Rock-It
Patterned Paper – Ruby Rock-It
Paint Dauber – Jenni Bowlin Studios
Alpha Stickers – My Little Shoebox
Bling – Michaels

After baking up a batch of some favorite treats, we grabbed some scraps of paper, doilies, and paint…And for the center of the tags, I made some origami trees, and here’s how:


Cut a triangle, measuring 3 in on all sides.


Fold each tip of the large triangle, into the center of the edge across from it.  Repeat all 3 sides.


Next, with each smaller triangle, fold in half so that it aligns against the center triangle.  Repeat all 3 sides.


Lastly, fold the triangles onto the center, overlapping one another.  Tuck final triangle inside the one next to it.


These are perfect in any size, for any project!  Happy Crafting!


Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

Therm O Web Paper Stocking Ornaments

Therm O Web Supplies:

1/8″ SuperTapeiCraft sheets

SuperStik Permanent Glue Stick

Zots Medium Singles

Zots for Bling

Other Supplies:

Assorted patterned papers – Me & My Big Ideas, Pink Paislee



Holly, Heart Border dies – Papertrey Ink

Biography Alphabet dies – QuicKutz

When I was a teenager one of my favorite gifts to receive was – yup, you guessed it – money. I guess some things never change because now that I have teenagers of my own, I know that cash and gift cards are something that they all enjoy too. Who am I kidding? I still appreciate getting cash and gift cards (especially a gift card to a craft store!). But however much I know the recipient will like a gift of money or a gift card, there is a part of me that feels like it is a bit of a cop out… that I should be giving something that took just a bit more thought or effort. Do you ever feel that way?

I have found that if I put a bit more time into coming up with special packaging, it makes me feel better about “just” giving cash or cards… and hopefully makes the recipient feel more special as well. These mini paper stocking ornaments are a fun way to give a gift, and also look good on their own when used as an ornament. I plan to create one for each of my kids and hang them on the tree for them to find on Christmas morning.

Let me show you how to make them. In your word processing program, insert a piece of clip art to use as a pattern. Using clip art allows you to enlarge or reduce the size to exactly what you need and there are literally thousands of images to choose from. Don’t worry about the colors and patterns of the image, just pick one that is the shape you desire. This is the one I used and I found it online in the Microsoft Office Gallery.

Print off three copies and cut out the individual parts to use as a pattern – 1) the stocking itself; 2) the cuff; and 3) the toe and heel

Next, place two pieces of paper right sides together and cut out stocking pattern.

Place SuperTape around the outer edge of the back piece of the stocking. Don’t worry if it doesn’t lay perfectly flat around the curves – the adhesive is thin enough that you won’t notice it once the front is adhered.

Attach a medium Zot to the upper right corner and use it to adhere the ends of a piece of ribbon that will become the hanger. Adhere the front and back together.

Use the cuff, toe, and heel patterns to cut pieces from coordinating paper and ink the edges.

Die cut embellishments from a sheet of iCraft.

Adhere a piece of die cut iCraft to the cuff.

Remove the protective liner from the front and sprinkle with glitter.

Use SuperStik to adhere the cuff, toe, and heel pieces to the front of the stocking.

Use Zots for Bling to attach rhinestones.

Traditional holiday colors are wonderful, but it’s also fun to create more customized versions. Here is one for my son Stephen who enjoys baseball.

I love using non-traditional color schemes as well. This one was made with papers from a 6×6 pad.

Thanks for dropping by the Therm O Web blog today!

Therm O Web Quilted Holiday Tray

It’s that time of the year!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and that means the official countdown to the holidays has begun.

Instead of heading to the mall to fight the crowds in search of the perfect gift…make your own! Designer Alice Golden shares the perfect gift idea!


Quilted Holiday Tray by Alice Golden

Therm O Web Supplies:

SuperStik Permanent Glue Stick
Sticky Tape Runner
1/2″ SuperTape


Wood tray (craft store)
Cardstock to cover the bottom of the tray
Acrylic craft paint in colors that coordinate with paper
Assorted paper scraps (Karen Foster Design)
Postage cancellation mark stamp
Black ink
Sanding block or fine grit sand paper
Foam paint brushes
Assorted border punches or decorative edged scissors (stamp-edge)

Even though I am still very much a beginner at sewing, I love quilting… well technically, I guess I should say I love looking at quilts (since I haven’t actually tried to make one myself yet, although I have purchased a bit of fabric). The colors and patterns are so beautiful and have provided the inspiration for many of my paper crafted projects. I think “quilting” with paper is also a great way to use up your paper scraps.

This project started with an inexpensive wood tray from the craft store. Add some paint and paper scraps to turn it into something that any hostess would love to receive.


1. Sand and paint tray with two coats of acrylic paint. Allow to dry in between coats.

2. Cut cardstock to fit inside bottom of tray, piece together if needed.

3. Cut paper into squares and then diagonally into a triangle shape. Using photo as a guide, adhere a column of triangles down the center of the insert, leaving a thin border of cardstock showing around each triangle. Repeat with remaining triangles until insert is covered. It is easier to position all the paper pieces on the cardstock insert rather than glueing them directly to the bottom of the tray (trust me on this one… learned the hard way). Use the SuperStik glue stick for this step as it gives you a bit of flexibility in moving the pieces around until they are in the right position. Be sure to apply adhesive around all edges.

3. Adhere decorative strips of cardstock to each end of the insert using the Sticky Tape Runner.

4. Place strips of SuperTape along the edges and down the center of the tray bottom and adhere cardstock insert.

5. Cut postage stamps out of patterned paper using stamp-edge scissors and adhere to outside of tray using SuperStik glue stick. Stamp with cancellation marks as desired.

Use any leftover triangles to create a “quilted” card.

We’re just a few days away from Thanksgiving and along with that…Black Friday!

Be sure to take a few minutes this upcoming weekend to stop by our blog for all the details on Black Friday, shop local Saturday and Cyber Monday!


Our contest entry widget is being a little fussy so please post a comment and share with us what you are thankful for this season.  We’ll select one random winner to enjoy this prize! (please note due to mailing restrictions we cannot mail Glitter Dust to any winners outside the US at this time)