DIY Washi Tape Tutorial with iCraft Adhesive

Have you jumped on the washi tape bandwagon yet? If so, you might like to try making your own – especially once you see how easy it is using iCraft adhesive sheets.

Today Designer Alice Golden is sharing a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the steps of creating custom washi.



Therm O Web:

iCraft Adhesive Sheets
1/4″ and 1/2″ Foam Squares


PADX-229 Mambi Sheets Specialty Cardstock – Me & My Big Ideas
Background Basics: Newsprint, Fancy Folk Art stamps and dies – Papertrey Ink
Assorted ink pads
Spotlight glitter – Making Memories

Part of what makes washi tape so much fun to use is that it is slightly transparent. After experimenting with several options, including tissue paper, handmade paper, vellum, and coffee filters, I found that the best thing to use to create washi are paper napkins.


The key is to separate the different layers of the napkin. You will want just a single layer so that it adheres to the iCraft and doesn’t separate when you apply it to your project.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-03 Adhere a single napkin layer to a sheet of iCraft. I experimented with using iCraft tape and while that works too, I like being able to create various widths of washi and the sheet gives you the most flexibility.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-04

Don’t worry about a few wrinkles – they add to the overall effect.
Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-05 Now comes the fun part – decorate your washi however you like. I added ink and stamped over the top. It is great to be able to create washi to match your project. Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-06This technique is very forgiving as any stamping imperfections disappear once you start cutting this into strips of tape.

Trim around the edges of the iCraft sheet.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-08 And trim in whatever widths you like. You can trim in one direction to get a mix of patterns and colors or trim in the opposite direction to get uniform patterns.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-09 Because iCraft can be die-cut, punched, and torn you can create a variety of edges on your tape. Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-10 This only took a few minutes and used just a single sheet of iCraft – I love projects that are quick and inexpensive, don’t you?Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-11 Paper napkins are available in an unlimited array of colors and patterns – you don’t even need to add any ink or stamping – just separate the layers and adhere to iCraft. Here I used a blue napkin and added a few stamped images. I really like the way the white ink looks.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-12 When you are ready to use the washi on a project, all you need to do is peel off the protective layer on the back. A pair of craft tweezers come in handy here.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-13 I used some of the homemade washi on the background of this card. Notice how you can still see the patterned paper under the washi? Just like the real thing.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-14Coordinating stamps and die were used to create the focal point. A mix of 1/4″ and 1/2″ foam squares gives it added dimension.
Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-15Don’t throw away any leftover pieces of iCraft… here I used a scrap of iCraft and coordinating die to cut out petals.
Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-16 Adhere the die-cut iCraft directly over the stamped imageAlice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-17 remove the protective layer from the front and sprinkle with glitter. It’s a quick and easy (and much neater!) way of adding glitter to a project instead of using a liquid glue.Alice-Golden-DIY-Washi-iCraft-18 Here is the finished card – wish you could see it in person because that touch of glitter adds so much to the overall look.


Thanks so much for visiting today! Be sure to let us know on our Facebook page or post a comment here with a link to your project if you give this technique a try. We hope you do!


Spring Crafting with Therm O Web iCraft Adhesive

Spring means fresh colors and celebrations!  

Getting an early start on Easter decorations is easy and fast  with iCraft sheets, there is no drying time which makes it convenient too!

Here is a project that took less than an 2 hours to complete.



Here’s what you will need to create this project.

Therm O Web Products:
Medium Zots
icraft Sheets

Other Supplies you will need
Patterned paper of choice
Stickles glitter glue
embellishments of choice
Oval Templates in 3 sizes
Wooden Egg
Acrylic paint


Paint Wooden Egg

Trace shape onto patterned paper and cut out

Adhere with icraft sheets

Cut 3 different sized Ovals using 3 different patterned papers

Adhere each to egg as shown using icraft sheets

Adhere your photo using iCraft sheets

Embellish as desired

icraft Sheets

Thanks for stopping by the  Therm O Web Blog today!! Don’t forget you can pick up any of our iCraft products from our online store! Just click here to shop! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from Therm O Web!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

The perfect day to show those your love just how much they mean to you! (although you can do this all year round!)

Designers Audrey Pettit and Rebecca Keppel have two projects that would be beautiful to have out any day of the year!



No. 14 Heart Ornament by Audrey Pettit


Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Tape
Therm O Web Spray n’ Bond Fusible Adhesive
Therm O Web Zots Singles Large Clear Adhesive Dots
Stamps: Stampin’Up
Floss: DMC
Ink: SEI
Paint: Delta
Beaded Heart: Jolees
Other: Muslin Fabric, Lace, Button, Thread, Hemp, Polyfill Fiber

I love to make handmade home decor pieces for the holidays. These little pillow hearts are super fun to create and make a great little gift or accent in your home. And with a few time-saving tricks thanks to the help of Therm O Web’s line of fusible adhesives, you can make a lot of these cuties in very little time. Bonus!


To get started, hand cut or die cut three hearts from muslin fabric. They can be any size or shape you wish. My heart is about 3″ x 4″. If you are hand-cutting, make sure that all three of your hearts are identical. For mine, I free-hand cut my first heart, and then used it as a template for the additional two hearts.

Cut one of the fabric hearts randomly across into three separate pieces, as shown above. Now have fun embellishing the pieces with stamped images. I used some graphic number stamps and line border stamps. Using the cut edges as guides can help keep your stamping straight, or just go crazy. This is the messy, artsy part, so have FUN!


When you are done embellishing, turn your cut fabric pieces over and apply Therm O Web Fabric Fuse tape to the edges. Adhere lace trim.

Now take your second muslin heart and spray it with Therm O Web Spray n’ Bond Fusible Adhesive. Adhere your embellished cut pieces on top of the second heart to create one whole heart. Using Therm O Web’s fusible adhesives completely eliminates the need to pin each piece, which is a great time-saving tip!

Continue to embellish with hand-stitching along the “seams”. Dry brush white paint over the heart and stitch a large button to the top corner. Using a Large Zots Singles Clear Adhesive Dot, apply a beaded heart charm to the center of the button.


Lay finished heart onto the third and last heart cut out. Machine stitch around the edges, leaving enough of an opening to fill with Polyfill stuffing before stitching all the way closed. I left my thread ends long for a different decorative touch. Tie a simple loop hanger out of hemp string and stitch to the top of the heart.

After the let down of taking down Christmas decorations, it is nice to have a reason to decorate again–enter Valentine’s Day decor! Making a pretty altered frame for Valentine’s Day is easy with Therm O Web adhesives.

rk TOW valentine7

Love Frame by Rebecca Keppel


Therm O Web Memory Runner
Therm O Web iCraft Sheets
Patterned Papers

Start with an empty frame, some fun patterned paper a Therm O Web Memory Runner and Therm O Web i Craft Sheets.

rk TOW valentine1

Cover the frame backing with patterned paper. Cut out a heart shape from the iCraft adhesive using a Cameo or other die cut machine.

rk TOW valentine2

Peel one side of the iCraft sheet off and adhere heart to the paper covered frame back. Remove the protective top of the iCraft sheet and adhere buttons in the heart pattern. Once the heart is full of buttons, pour fine glitter over the entire area to fill small cracks that are too tiny to insert buttons into.

rk TOW valentine3

Using an iCraft dot and tulle, make a rolled flower by twisting and adhering the tulle onto the iCraft dot. Spray lightly with Therm O Web Glitter Dust.

rk TOW valentine5

Peel off the protective backing and adhere to the frame. A light spray of Glitter Dust adds a slight glittery touch and the adhesive included in the Glitter Dust helps keep the flower’s shape.

rk TOW valentine6

The die cut iCraft sheets make this project quicker and easier than ever!

rk TOW valentine8

Happy Valentine’s Day!

♥ Rebecca


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Sweet Valentine Treats for Teachers

Since I’ve been wearing the Room Mom hat for over 5 years, we are always looking for new ways to show our appreciation!  This year, we are recycling some of the girls’ art boxes, and putting the card inside the box, and the gift cards right on top!


Here’s the supplies we used:


Therm O Web supplies:

Glitter Corners – Silver
Sticky Lines
Foam Squares
Glitter Dust – Pink
Mini Sticky Tape Runner
ICraft Adhesive sheets
ICraft Adhesive Tape – 1/4 inch
Zots – 3D

Other Supplies:

Heart Diecut – Sizzix
Distress Star Dust Dry Fine Glitter – Ranger
Patterned paper – Crate Paper
Doily – Joanns
Lace, Pearl Trim – Scrapbook Island
Flower – Prima


To decorate the outside and top of the box, cut patterned paper to size of box.  Adhere with Sticky Lines around perimeter of the box.  Create paper bow, adhere with Mini Sticky Tape Runner and foam squares.  To create the glittered heart:  Adhere ICraft Adhesive sheet to cardboard.  Run through die cut machine [this is a Sizzix 4 heart die cut].  Peel off adhesive layer, sprinkle loose glitter and tap off.  Adhere heart to paper bow with 3D Zots.  Adhere bling with 1/2 3D zot.


For the top of the box, spray doily with a light coat of Glitter Dust in pink.  I then layered and adhered the following with the Mini Sticky Strip runner: Doily to paper, heart to doily, and gift card holder to inside of heart.


To create gift card holder, start with a 6 in by 6 in piece of paper.


Fold in half on the diagonal.


Score at the 2 7/8 inch mark, from both sides.


Open up the paper, and fold new score marks over to meet in the middle.


Fold in half, from the outside, so you create the pocket for the gift card.


Slide gift card into the Glitter Corners, adhere to patterned paper.  And voila!

Erin Yamabe

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Deliver Valentines In Style with Therm O Web

We’re just one week away from the sweetest holiday…Valentine’s Day!

Today Designer Melissa Bullock with a little help from her girls shows how you can deliver those Valentine’s in style!

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 017r

This idea came from an American Girl magazine.  Once my girls saw it they had to make one.  We just created it with Therm O Web!  And of course we had to make little doll-sized envelopes.

Therm O Web Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Washi tape
  • Small mailbox
  • Candlestick between 5″ – 8″ tall
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock

First cover the mailbox with strips of ribbon and washi tape.  Then out of iCraft Adhesive sheets, cut two large hearts for the mailbox end and 7 smaller hearts for the flag and mailbox body.  Peel off one layer of the iCraft backing, stick hearts to the mailbox.  ICraft Adhesive is so versatile it will stick to uneven textures, for example a seam between bulky ribbon and thin washi tape!  Peel off the remaining iCraft Adhesive backing and sprinkle iCraft hearts with glitter.  Use an old paintbrush to brush off excess glitter.  Finally, attach the mailbox to a candlestick with Jumbo Zots.

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 002r

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 003r

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 005r

Doll Mailbox 2013-02-06 013r


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Holiday Photos CD Holder from Therm O Web

With the holidays over, it’s time to gather up photos and share with family and friends, especially if you tend to be the designated photographer in the group.

Add a personal touch to your presentation by creating this festive CD Folder to hold those photos and include a special message or provide a place for them to journal their own memories themselves of the holiday.

Therm O Web can help put this project together in a snap and help you kick off the new year sharing your fabulous photos with those you love.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 1 res

Holiday Photos CD Folder by Patti Milazzo

Therm O Web Supplies:

Therm O Web Mini Runner – Sticky Tape
Therm O Web Supertape 1/8”
Therm O Web Zots – Bling
Therm O Web Zots – Medium
Therm O Web Zots – 3D
Therm O Web Glitter Dust – Silver
Therm O Web iCraft Adhesive Sheet
Therm O Web iCraft Adhesive Tape ½”
Therm O Web 3D Adhesive Foam – Squares

Other Supplies:

DCWV – The Evergreen Stack
Sizzix Dies (Big Shot) – Snowflakes and Styled Labels
Doodlebug Design Sugar Coated Metallic Aluminum Glitter
coordinating cardstock; hemp; alpha stickers


  1. Create CD holder from cardstock.  The example shown here is 11.5” x 9.5” with score marks at 5 ¾” (middle of the length) and at 4” from the bottom of the height of the folder.  2 half circles were then punched out from the top of the folded up ends.

 1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 2 res

  1. Apply strips of Therm O Web 1/8” Supertape along the sides to be sealed on the folder, remove the protective strip and press the folded areas firmly.
  2. Embellish inside of folder simply with pattern paper strips and a scalloped decorative border.  Apply Therm O Web Silver Glitter Dust to black cardstock label for extra sparkle, let dry thoroughly.  Then use Therm O Web Mini Runner to adhere pieces.  Add words with alpha stickers to complete.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 3 res

  1. Create a simple note or journaling card to insert into the left pocket.  Cover the photo CD with pattern paper by applying a sheet of iCraft Adhesive to the back of pattern paper.  Cut a 4.5” circle and press firmly onto the top side of the CD, then insert into the right pocket.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 4 res

  1. For the front of the holder, pattern paper to cover background, a die cut a label from black cardstock and 4 snowflakes from pattern paper and vellum.  Spray all with Silver Glitter Dust and let dry.  Also cut pattern paper strips to create a border below the label.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 5 res

  1. Layer pieces to create the cover of the folder, adhering these with the Therm O Web Mini Runner.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 6 res

  1. To attach the label, apply several Therm O Web 3D Adhesive Foam Squares to the back and position just above the border strips.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 7 res

  1. Layer the snowflakes with Therm O Web 3D Zots and adhere them to the top and bottom opposing corners of the label with 3D Adhesive Foam Squares.  Add a little sparkle by applying pieces iCraft Adhesive Sheet to white cardstock, then punch small circles to be adhered in the center of the snowflakes.  Use Therm O Web Bling Zots to attach the small gems, as shown.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 8 res

  1. Finish the front cover with alpha stickers for the title/subtitle and use hemp as a closure for the folder.

1 2013 Holiday Photos CD Holder 9 res

I hope your inspired to wrap up your holiday season with this project…Enjoy!

Patti Milazzo


Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared a comment with us letting us know your favorite Local Quilt Shop! Our HeatnBond prize pack winner is:

Jean McHugh

“My favorite local quilt shop is called PUCKY HUDDLE CANDOR, NEW YORK even the outside of the building is cool, it is this awesome purple color!”


Jean…thank you for sharing…we’d love to see photos of the store! Please email me at Julia at with your mailing information. Thanks so much for being a Therm O Web/HeatnBond fan!

Capture Holiday Layouts with Therm O Web

A month ago today we celebrated Christmas all across the world.

Amazing isn’t it when you stop and realize that just a few weeks back we were surrounded with gifts, family, good food and more.

We’re stepping back and using the beautiful products sent by our friends at Die Cuts with A View to celebrate some of those moments.

Designer Melissa Bullock has the perfect layout today that captures moments from her holiday.

DCWV layout2

Therm O Web Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Die Cuts With A View “The Evergreen Stack”
  • white cardstock
  • foam alphabet stickers
  • green and red rhinestones

DCWV layout1

To make the glitter frame, die cut the frame with a digital craft cutter or manual die cut system using a sheet of iCraft Adhesive.  Peel back one layer of iCraft backing and adhere the frame to the project.  Peel back the remaining iCraft backing layer.  Sprinkle the iCraft frame with glitter.  Tap off excess.

DCWV layout3



We’d like to encourage our fans to help support their local Quilt Shops. Yesterday was the official “Visit Your Local Quilt Shop” day however we’re still celebrating!

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Once you post a comment here be sure to join in on more fun!
I Love My Local Quilt Shop Fan Photo Contest

Click here to visit the Visit Your Local Quilt Shop page on Facebook and see how you can enter to win there too by sharing a picture of yourself in your favorite store! Be sure to let your local Quilt Shop know to stock up on your favorite Therm O Web and HeatnBond products!

Crafty Christmas Mini Album with Glitter Dust!

Die Cuts With a View or as we say DCWV is well known for their beautiful and generous paper stacks. We’re delighted to craft with their new All “The Evergreen Stack”. Join us this week and next as we take a look back at the holidays and craft some projects to celebrate those.


Christmas Mini Album by Erin Yamabe

Therm O Web Supplies:

Sticky Tape Runner
ICraft Adhesive Sheets
Zots – Bling
Zots – 3D
Glitter Dust – Iridescent
Foam Squares – 1/2 inch
NEW Glitter Dust Photo Corners – Silver


Other Supplies:

DCWV – Patterned Paper
Stamps – Unity & My Little Shoebox, My Minds Eye
Black Ink – Tsukineko
Ribbon – May Arts
Teanie Beanie & Soul Sprout albums – Punky Sprouts
Glitter – American Crafts
White paint – Jenni Bowlin Studios
Snowflake die – Sizzix

A few peaks at the pages:


The background has some white paint and Glitter Dust in Iridescent sprayed on.


This tag has some stamping, with a light coat of Glitter Dust in Iridescent over it, and some doilies and parchment papers layered in.


Next, let’s take a look at how to create the half orb, adorning the top of the snowflake.


Supplies needed include: a ruler, bone folder, Zots for bling, and a 1.5 circle punch.


Punch 5 circles from the patterned paper.  Score at the 3/8″ mark.  These will become equilateral triangles.


Fold at the score mark, and then find the center on the back of the circle.  Mark with a pencil.  That becomes your next score line point.


Repeat on all 3 sides.  Fold on all score lines.


The five circles have now become scored equilateral triangles.  Next, simply add zots to the edges and adhere one triangle to the next.


Continue adhering the triangles together, creating the half orb, that will be adhered to your snowflake.  Lastly, spray with light coat of Iridescent Glitter Dust.


And voila!  Happy Crafting, and thanks for stopping by!

Erin Yamabe


Just a reminder to join us right here tomorrow as we join in the celebration for Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!

We’ll help celebrate the fun with a giveaway so don’t miss out!

Shabby Chic Wedding Flowers and More with Therm O Web


Flowers are perfect for any occasion, right?  Why not use your favorite papers and fabric with a variety of Therm O Web products to create something extra special that will last forever.

We begin with the paper flower.  To create these you will need wood skewers, your favorite papers, paint, circle die and Therm O Web (3d Zots, Memory Tape Runner XL, ICraft Dots and SuperTape,).

Begin by painting the skewers for the stems, I chose green to match the paper leaves cardstock.  Next die cut several large and medium circles from paper.  Wrap one ICraft Dot around the top of the skewer.  Add tape runner adhesive to one large circle (sides only) and wrap around skewer, over adhesive dot.  C

Continue to add layers, alternating sizes of circles.  Between circle layers add one 3D Zot to the center of the circle to allow space between layers/petals.


Hand cut leaves by folding paper in half and cutting leaf shape.  Create a few for a bouquet.  Maybe fabric flowers are what you are looking to create.

Using the same skewers, a bouquet holder (found in your local craft shop) and a variety of fabrics/ribbons/lace trims you can get something like this…


Used Peel N Stick fabric tape and Zots to assemble this shabby chic wedding bouquet.


Whatever your choice, it will be beautiful just because you made it yourself!

Andrea Budjack

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 1

Winter Votive Vases by Patti Milazzo

I embellished an inexpensive glass vase and votive candle holder with Therm O Web’s Supertape, iCraft Adhesive Sheets and Glitter Dust to add glitter and sparkle to this wintry wedding décor.
Therm O Web Supplies:

Therm O Web Supertape 1/8”
Therm O Web Zots – Bling
Therm O Web Zots – Small
Therm O Web Zots – Medium
Therm O Web Zots – 3D
Therm O Web Glitter Dust – Silver and Iridescent
Therm O Web iCraft Adhesive Sheet

Other Supplies:
Sizzix Snowflake Die
Glass vase and glass votive candle holder (craft store – less than $2 for both)
Doodlebug Design Sugar Coated Metallic Aluminum Glitter (loose glitter)
Iridescent Fine Glitter by Creative Beginnings
Gems, ribbon and tag or accent to embellish
Artificial decorative snow (craft or home improvement store)


  1. Lightly spray the glass vase and votive with Silver Glitter Dust and let dry.
  2. To add iridescent sparkle to the snow, place fake decorative snow in a discarded cardboard box (shirt box) and lightly spray, then fluff with a plastic fork and let dry.
  3. In the meantime, apply 1/8” Supertape around top or top edge of glass containers.  If applying around a circular shape, as shown with the votive, press, reposition and smooth out the tape as needed.  Don’t worry about minor imperfections or bumps as they will not show once the glitter is applied.

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 2

  1. Remove the tape and apply loose glitter.  Sprinkle on or apply and press with a dry paint brush.  Use your finger to smooth it over and then use the paint brush to lightly brush away any excess.
  2. Next, diecut (or punch) snowflakes from iCraft Adhesive Sheets.  Carefully peel away the backing and apply to side of vase.  3 snowflakes were applied to this vase.  Press firmly to ensure that the adhesive is secure, then remove the top protective layer and apply loose glitter.

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 3

  1. Add snow to the vase and insert votive holder and candle.
  2. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the vase, use a Small and Medium Zots to secure it hold the ribbon in place.  Tie a separate bow and again use a Zot to adhere it to the ribbon.  Trim tails as needed.

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 4

  1. Use Bling Zots to adhere gems inside snowflakes
  2. Create a tag from embossed cardstock.  Punch larger heart from light pink cardstock and apply to tag with 3D Zot.  Add letter stickers below – “I Do”

1 2013 Winter Votive Vase 5

  1. Apply iCraft Adhesive Sheet to cardstock and punch out small heart.  Peel away protective layer and apply pink glitter.  Use a Zot to apply to the larger heart to complete the project.

Here’s a peek at some of the other beautiful projects Designer Patti Milazzo created for our Winter Wedding theme at CHA..


Pinecone Topiaries

Therm O Web Supplies:

Glitter Dust (Iridescent, Silver & Pink)
Zots (Bling, Small & Medium)
1/8” Supertape
iCraft Adhesive Sheet


Wedding Card Cake Box

Therm O Web Supplies: 
iCraft Adhesive Tape ( ¼” & ½” )
Supertape ( ¼” & ½” )
Zots (Craft, Bling, Small, Medium, 3D)
iCraft Sheet


Wedding Hair Piece

Therm O Web Supplies: 

Glitter Dust (Iridescent)
Zots (Small and Medium)
¼” Supertape

Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we have more beautiful projects to share with you that were displayed at our booth at the 2013 Winter CHA!

Wedding Invitations with iCraft Embossing

Today’s brides are more involved then ever in their wedding plans.

No longer is it necessary to order invitations and thank you notes. With all of our amazing craft supplies available..brides can easily make their own beautiful invitations and more!

Today Designer Melissa Bullock shares a beautiful Wedding Invitation set made with our Therm O Web iCraft Adhesive.

weddinginvites 2013-01-06 012 copy


  • Metallic Cardstock in 2 coordinating shades
  • Silver Heat Embossing Powder

Therm O Web Supplies:

  • Sticky Strip Runner
  • iCraft Adhesives Sheets

1. Design and print invitations on the metallic cardstock.  (This invitation is 5.75×5.75″ with a 6×6″ coordinating mat.)

2. Adhere the printed/trimmed greeting onto a cardstock mat.

3. Cut a swirl out of the iCraft Adhesive sheet with a die cut machine.

4. Carefully peel the iCraft flourish and adhere to the invitation.  Peel off the backing.  Dust with embossing powder.  Tap off excess powder.  If necessary, brush off any excess powder with a static-free brush.  The iCraft adhesive will securely hold the powder in place even if the brush slips over it.

weddinginvites 2013-01-06 001

weddinginvites 2013-01-06 002

weddinginvites 2013-01-06 003

5. Heat with an embossing gun until powder is melted.

weddinginvites 2013-01-06 010 copy

weddinginvites 2013-01-06 013 copy

If you missed our announcement we have a new product to share that works beautifully with today’s project!

Therm O Web’s New Glitter Dust Photo Corners! Available in FOUR colors…Silver, Gold, Black Nickel and Pink.

They perfectly coordinate with our Glitter Dust spray giving you the perfect items to use for Wedding, Graduation and anything that needs a little Glitter Dusting!